Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Day Out in Brooklyn

New York City, the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams. I just got back back from a weekend trip to this amazing city. I was there from Wednesday until Sunday and every day was filled with new adventures! I stayed in Manhattan but ventured off to Brooklyn for a day. Heres what my adventure looked like:)

Started the day with a quick trip up to the rooftop of where we were staying.

Had to fix the caffeine craving while catching the subway.

In Brooklyn there is a area called Redhook where you can see the Statue of Liberty head on! I totally recommend it if you don't want to take a fairy out to Staten Is. (like me lol).  

Of course, I had to include an OOTD, details at the bottom.

Before we set off on walking the bridge we grabbed some pizza at the famous Julianas, the long wait was definitely worth it.
(Margarita with mushrooms <3)

It was SO windy while walking the bridge!

Outfit details: Sweater // Leggings // Hat // Bag // Shoes

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Changes in the Leaves

Fall has gone by extremely fast, I can't believe its almost November. Every morning me and my sister are in awe of the beautifully colored leaves and finally got around to taking a few pictures by them. We picked out our favorite outfits to wear this season and drove to a park nearby. It was so peaceful taking a stroll through the park and hearing the leaves crunch beneath our feet, we never want fall to end! I highly recommend going outside and enjoying the beautiful fall weather before the snows comes in.

My outfit // Dress // Shoes //
Josies outfit // Shirt // Skirt // Shoes //

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Friday, October 16, 2015

On My Radar

TGIF. This week felt more longer than others. The week was split up by a day off of school wednesday, which was great but made the week feel longer. It also really felt like fall outside. It was chilly out and I started eachmorning with some pumpkin coffee. I am excited that it is finially the weekend so I can enjoy the amazing weather (and not have to go to school, haha). To wrap up the week I will be sharing five things that have been on my rader throughout the week. I will be making these types of post every Friday, enjoy!

ONE // Apple Picking

Apple picking. My favorite food is an apple so when fall rolls around I am extra happy! Fall calls for multiple trips out to my local fruit farm which has row and rows of different types of apple trees. My dogs also love to venture out to eat some apples.

TWO // My October Playlist

I really try and make the best playlists I can for each month or season. I didn't think I could beat last years fall playlist, one of my favorite which I have made, but this years October playlist, //OCT// , has been playing in my car every morning and, well, anytime I decide to blast some tunes I pick this playlist.

THREE // Biotin

I just recently started taking these and let me just say, they are magic! My hair has already felt softer and my nails aren't as weak as they used to be. I whole heartedly recommend these for anyone (I use the Nature's Bounty ones).

FOUR // My Coffee With Joywave mug

If you didn't know, Joywave is a band. I recently went to their concert and saw that they were selling their own mugs and even their own blend of coffee! I thought this was so funny so I obviously bought a mug.


This past Monday MS MR came to Columbus. My friend Sarah got 10 meet and greet passes for before the concert. With these we got to go backstage and into the bands dressing room and just hang with them, which was one of the coolest things ever. Not to mention the band is the sweetest. Their show was absolutely amazing, their grooves and moves on stage made it 10x better! After their concert they also came out and met fans so me and my friend Emilee met them a second time.

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs, The College Prepster .

Monday, October 12, 2015

Music Monday: Love Me

Oh, how I love The 1975. Their first album (The 1975) is one of my favorite albums to date. There is a little bit of every sound and it is so unique.
After the tease on social media, plus the countdown they had going, The 1975 released their new song, Love Me. This song is more on the pop side, like their songs Chocolate and Girls. Love Me is also really 80's inspired. Most of the bands songs are 80's influenced but Love Me is the most 80's yet. The song itself sound very Bowie and MJ inspired. Their new album, I like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, is supposed to be released this coming February. I am stoked to see what else they have up there sleeve.
I completely recommend listening to this interview from BBC Radio 1which previews the song, Love Me, on it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Senior Homecoming

Its hard to believe that this was my last homecoming. This years dance theme was Back to the Future  (like the movie) because in the movie they travel into October, 2015, which is when our dance was. Our school has never really prided themselves on the decorations they put up for homecoming, but this year was different! At the end of Back To The Future they have a "under the sea" themed dance so we tried to re-create it... I have to say, we were pretty successful.

I had such a fun time getting ready and going out to dinner with my friends before the dance. The weather was really rainy so outside pictures were a no go. Instead, we decided to do pictures in my sunroom. They all turned out (surprisingly for indoor pics) really cute! For dinner we ate at a local sushi restaurant. While we were there three other homecoming groups were too (thank goodness we made reservations).

At first I wasn't going to go to homecoming. I didn't feel the need to go and also, I didn't think I would end up regretting not going. At the last moment my friends convinced me to go, I found the PERFECT dress, and ended up having a great time!
Stay tuned for outfit details!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Playlist

Here are my top tunes to get you in the fall mood.
You can also check out my September playlist here!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome To... The 1989 Tour

Recently I went to Taylor Swifts '1989' tour. Let me tell you, it was a truly magical evening. Vance Joy opened for her and he was incredible! I have never seen Taylor before and to be honest, never thought I would. When her newest album, '1989' came out I immediately fell in love! My favorite songs on the album are "Out Of The Woods", "Clean", "Welcome To New York", and "Wildest Dreams".. They were also my favorite songs she played live.
She opened with "Welcome To New York", the stage was setup to look like the streets of New York! All of her outfits and stage setups were breathtaking, I give her major points for changing outfits so quickly between songs. Overall the whole concert was rad and magical. It took me into another world for the night and I never wanted to leave
So, if you have the opportunity to see Taylor Swift live... DO IT! It will be a night that you will never
forget and you will make amazing memories.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Change is Good

August has ended and September has begun. For me, September is the month of new beginnings and change, school is beginning and the seasons are changing. At the start of each school year I vow to become a better version of myself and develop new and healthier habits yet I never actually follow through with this plan. This year, my senior year of high school, I am determined to change up my routines for the better!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Day In San Francisco

Last week my family and I hopped on a plane and left dreary Ohio and headed to the west coast! Our first stop was San Francisco where we spent 3 days and then headed out Maui, Hawaii (more on that later).  San Fran was super cool, plus the weather was perfect! 
Down below is what I wore on a warmer day, Enjoy!

Halter Top  // Backpack // Shoes // Shorts (Thrifted) // Bra

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