Friday, October 16, 2015

On My Radar

TGIF. This week felt more longer than others. The week was split up by a day off of school wednesday, which was great but made the week feel longer. It also really felt like fall outside. It was chilly out and I started eachmorning with some pumpkin coffee. I am excited that it is finially the weekend so I can enjoy the amazing weather (and not have to go to school, haha). To wrap up the week I will be sharing five things that have been on my rader throughout the week. I will be making these types of post every Friday, enjoy!

ONE // Apple Picking

Apple picking. My favorite food is an apple so when fall rolls around I am extra happy! Fall calls for multiple trips out to my local fruit farm which has row and rows of different types of apple trees. My dogs also love to venture out to eat some apples.

TWO // My October Playlist

I really try and make the best playlists I can for each month or season. I didn't think I could beat last years fall playlist, one of my favorite which I have made, but this years October playlist, //OCT// , has been playing in my car every morning and, well, anytime I decide to blast some tunes I pick this playlist.

THREE // Biotin

I just recently started taking these and let me just say, they are magic! My hair has already felt softer and my nails aren't as weak as they used to be. I whole heartedly recommend these for anyone (I use the Nature's Bounty ones).

FOUR // My Coffee With Joywave mug

If you didn't know, Joywave is a band. I recently went to their concert and saw that they were selling their own mugs and even their own blend of coffee! I thought this was so funny so I obviously bought a mug.


This past Monday MS MR came to Columbus. My friend Sarah got 10 meet and greet passes for before the concert. With these we got to go backstage and into the bands dressing room and just hang with them, which was one of the coolest things ever. Not to mention the band is the sweetest. Their show was absolutely amazing, their grooves and moves on stage made it 10x better! After their concert they also came out and met fans so me and my friend Emilee met them a second time.

I got this idea from one of my favorite blogs, The College Prepster .

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