Friday, April 17, 2015

Film Friday!

One of my favorite films at the moment is Not Waving But Drowning. This film relates to friendships and going your own way, which is perfect because I am almost a senior and then I will leave for college!

Not Waving but Drowning is about best friends, Adele and Vanessa who live in a small town in Florida and both have plans to move to NYC together over the summer but then Vanessa parents decide that she should wait to move.

  The movie follows each girls life as Adele moves to New York and Sara stays back home teaching art classes at a nursing home. It shows the struggles each has without each other, but also the new opportunities they get. New relationships with boys, rebellious old women who smoke pot, and new friends who live a glamorous New York lifestyle start to form.
It shows how each of the girls find themselves apart but still have each other. The film is opened with The Most Girl Part of You , a short film, based on an Amy Hempel short story.

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