Friday, May 8, 2015

Road Trip to Indiana

When your friend calls you at 10 a.m to tell you that you're taking a road trip to see one of your favorite bands, what do you say? YES, obviously!
Recently me and my friend Emilee and her friend Jess headed up to Indiana (which is 3 hours away) to catch a free Magic Man and X Ambassadors show at Boulder college! It was such a spur the moment adventure and it was definitely worth it! After the show we hung around to hang with Magic Man (the nicest band you'll ever meet) and took some pictures, Alex also drew a fox on the inside of my jean jacket.

X Ambassadors were great!
Me and Em 
Magic Man rocked it like always

I tried on Sams glasses and we both couldn't see anything
Alex is such a lovely person
"How do I draw feet?"- Alex
The outcome

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