Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback: Bunbury

Hi guys!
As I was looking through all my old photos I came across these ones from Bunbury, a music festival I went to last summer. I thought that you all would like to hear about my amazing experience so Im throwing it back on this fine thursday evening!
The festival is three days long and is held along the river in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Day 1: The first day we got to explore the place. We checked out all the stages, there were many, and got to even meet some bands! The tickets we bought were the vip tickets which let us have our own air conditioned tent and we got the chance to see many of the bands do an exclusive acoustic set inside of the tent. 
Me and My mom in front of the Warsteiner Stage
Royal Teeth
X Ambassadors
 Fitz and the Tantrums 

Day 2: On the second day at the festival we didn't explore much but sat out in the heat to get front and center for the main acts that night, Paramore and Fall Out Boy, which was definitely worth waiting for. Many bands preformed on the main stage before them which was nice because we got to discover awesome new bands while waiting.

Fall Out Boy
Jeremy and Haley from Paramore

The view from the River Stage

Day 3: On the last day I met up with some friends and we wandered around the area. It rained most of the day so some of the bands were held off until the storm stopped, but we made the best of it!
Best lemonade everrrrrr

A exclusive performance from The Lighthouse and the Whaler

People were doing face paint everywhere!
Till next year…
Hope you guys enjoyed my spam of festival pictures for this throwback thursday. It was such a fun weekend and I discovered some amazing new bands. I hope this makes you want to find a music festival near you or even come check out Bunbury in Ohio!

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